Pantalones CCM JetSpeed FT4 Jr.
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Pantalones CCM JetSpeed FT4 Jr.

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Pantalones CCM JetSpeed FT4 Jr.

CCM JetSpeed FT4 offers a tight tapered fit popular with many of today's gamers. For construction, the FT4 400D has textured polyester and reinforced side panels that provide great durability over time. This material is also very light and flexible for the fast player. At the thigh there is light foam and molded PE plastic which provides good protection. FT4 also has a zipper on the inside of the thigh so that the player can adjust the width of the pants. Hips and kidneys are protected with cast PE caps to provide superior protection. On the back and spine, FT4 has a floating back protection with a new injection-molded hybrid spine shield. This provides superior protection against the spine while maintaining high mobility. Under the padded belt, FT4 comes with a hidden zipper so that the player can adjust the length if they want the pants to be longer. On top of this adjustment, there is a built-in belt system for seamless adjustment.

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