Peto Portero CCM EFlex 5.5 Jr.
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Peto Portero CCM EFlex 5.5 Jr.

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Peto Portero CCM EFlex 5.5 Jr.

E5.5 is designed for today's goalkeeper and has a new Max Flex system that combines ultimate mobility and fantastic protection. On the shoulders, the E5.5 has specific velcro adjustments with quick coupling for an adjustable fit. Directly below, the shoulder cover has compression molded PE foam to protect against hard shots. At the sternum and chest, shaped PE foam protects against hard shots. Around this PE foam you will find more multi-segmented PE foams with optimized protection that gives the shooter a square shape but ultimate flexibility when you move. Rib protection on E5.5 wraps around the lower abdomen to protect against annoying pucks that try to sneak through. You will find segmented coverage on the back and spine to provide maximum flexibility. E5.5 has adjustable elbow pads that sit comfortably on the goalkeeper. This provides fast movement and ultimate coverage. On the front of the arm, the compression molded PE foam offers superior protection and mobility.

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